Why You Need to Address Water Damage Quickly

Why You Need to Address Water Damage Quickly

Why You Have Water-Damaged Stucco 

Before you contemplate repairs, you must first understand what caused any water damage you may have detected in your stucco. Why did water get through your house’s siding?

The most common cause is your home’s stucco needs to be correctly designed and installed. Water will not adhere to properly installed stucco. That should generally be enough to keep it safe. When done poorly, the stucco starts to soak up water instead.

If the stucco is not done correctly, you may begin to suffer damage. If the contractor lacks the requisite knowledge, you may face extra challenges. They may overlook the need for adequate sealing around windows and doors and effective drainage, which keeps water from entering.

Why You Need to Address the Issue Quickly

There is always something to accomplish. around the home, so a bit of water damage doesn’t seem urgent. However, water-damaged stucco is more than just a cosmetic issue.

Rot will begin to form if water damage is ignored for an extended time. If it is not handled, your home’s inside walls may degrade. Because you ignored the flood, restoring your home’s walls will be incredibly expensive.

You risk acquiring mold as well as deterioration. This generates a slew of health issues and further issues with your home. If you treat the water damage promptly, you will have to deal with less mold.

Water damage should be considered while selling your home. While curb appeal is vital, you should also consider how you will sell your home. If there is water damage to the stucco, many prospective purchasers will not buy the property because it may conceal more significant concerns.

When to Get Professional Help

If you see any negative signs, you must take action. Because stucco is a technical process, you’ll need to contact a professional. As soon as you discover any concerns, contact the specialists. They’ll be able to walk outdoors and assess the extent of the devastation.

If you can’t see the problem in its exact place, they may use instruments to assess it. They will use a drill to cut a little hole in the wall so they can inspect it and see if water has gotten inside. They will advise on the best course of action if they find anything.

Even though it may be tempting, it is best to leave this chore to the professionals. Keep in mind that incorrectly made stucco causes these concerns, which you want to avoid.


Now that you know the signs of stucco water damage, you can check for them. Always keep an eye on it and seek assistance if there is any damage. Take your time; if found immediately, it can be readily fixed.