EIFS Installation & Repairs

EIFS Repair and Installation is a service Toms River Stucco & EIFS Construction can provide, which helps increase cost-effectiveness of your property.

EIFS Contractors in Toms River, NJ

Contractors, Architects, and Designers. In addition to providing unparalleled expertise and attention to detail, we understand the unique needs of both residential and commercial clients, who need to maintain accessibility and safety during projects.

There are a number of reasons to choose Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS) for your property’s exterior. EIFS features a lightweight design that offers continuous insulation that minimizes air filtration through the walls of your home. This lowers both the amount of heat that is lost through the walls and your utility bill! The EIFS can help keep the heat trapped in your home very effectively.

Another advantage of EIFS is the large degree of stylistic freedom that it offers. If you have a specific style in mind for your home, EIFS is available in a large number of colors and styles.

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Chips, cracks and dents are common and part of regular ware and tear which can be expected with EIFS. However, these imperfections if not fixed can cause some very significant and expensive problems. As with any exterior coating once the outer layer is penetrated there’s a risk of water penetration and all the problems that go with that. While EIFS is relatively easy to install, repairing it should be left to experts who understand complexity of the different layers involved and the expertise required to understand exactly what kind of EIFS is in use and how to repair it. 

Professionals who can truly repair EIFS are relatively few and far between owing to the understanding required of the multiple lamina involved in different applications. Fortunately for you you’ve just found our company, and EIFS is what we do.

We can identify cracks and impact damage and professionally strip back the layers that are affected without going back to the wall itself (not a recommended idea) so as to create a patch that extends beyond the damaged area and melds with the existing and undamaged EIFS.


There are many different reasons to use EIFS on your structure but it can help us to know specifically “why” you want this type of cladding on your structure.  It helps us determine the proper materials for your particular project. 

EIFS is a blanket term for a number of laminate (layer) approaches that have become more sophisticated over the years. EIFS is very effective against water but once the outer layer is penetrated by impacts or weathering then there is a risk of water ingress causing longer term problems.


Acrylic Stucco

Acrylic finishes are synthetic and come in a wide variety of colors suite for any style home.

All Types of Masonry

Want to give your home a classy makeover? Our team is the expert in bricks, stone and concrete masonry used to create exactly the look you’re after.

Brick Pointing & Waterproofing

Often times it’s poor maintenance of stucco and EIFS which can lead to penetration of water, damage and a compromise of the structural integrity. Prolong the life of your building and give it an amazing facelift.

Brownstone Restoration

A brownstone restoration helps in prolonging the wearing surface and makes it more durable when resurfacing the material.

Cultured Stone

Providing quality and aesthetically exciting products, textures and colors for any project you may have.

EIFS Installation & Repair

EIFS repairs and stucco repair should be fixed immediately. Damage to the EIFS or exterior stucco finish can lead to moisture and expensive repairs

Exterior Acrylic Paint

We use high-quality acrylic paints that are stress-resistant to minimize weather-related issues, and we properly prepare the surface beforehand to make sure the paint will bond well. We want your home to look gorgeous for many years.

Exterior Cement Stucco

Cement stucco gives a beautiful finish to the exterior walls of your house. It can be textured in different ways to give it a variety of finished effects that look beautiful on your house.

Interior Plastering

These days, homeowners want more personalization and style, even on their walls. 

Thin Brick System

When you opt for custom thin cut bricks, you are able to achieve the aesthetic you want without worrying about the weight or size of the bricks.

Treating Your Home Like Our Own

As a local business with decades of experience in Stucco and EIFS, we would love to be your go-to company for your home development projects. We offer high-quality, professional work at affordable prices. 

The results for you are peace of mind and comfort in knowing the exterior of your home is properly installed and maintained. Our greatest satisfaction is when you are satisfied with our stucco and EIFS services.  Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.


When it comes to protecting your home, experience matters. Our company is backed by experienced professionals with over 35 years in the Stucco and EIFS installation and repair industry. We know what works, what doesn’t work, and we pay attention to even the smallest details, working with our customers to make sure they’re happy.

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Working as a team

As the top stucco installation company in Toms River, NJ, we’ll work with you on your project, large or small. Together we’ll fine-tune your new construction, remodeling plans, incorporating your preferred designs and specifications.

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We want to exceed the owner’s expectations and help design their dream exterior and interior. Our goal is to provide you with high quality exterior options for your home at a great cost.

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Affordable Pricing

Choosing the best construction company means that you’ll benefit from quality services that are also affordable, with a high return on investment. We work within your budget to make sure you get you what you want by using cost-effective strategies.