05.6 - don't patch or paint your stucco

Why You Should Avoid Patching or Painting Your Stucco – Ever!

Patching and painting might seem like convenient solutions to address stucco damage, but they often fail to provide the lasting results needed to withstand the ever-changing of nowadays climate. At Toms River Stucco & EIFS, we understand the challenges of maintaining stucco in different weather conditions and advocate for a more effective approach to preserving your home’s beauty and structural integrity.

The Two Key Reasons Behind Stucco Failures

Reason #1 – Poor Construction and Workmanship

With over 25 years of experience in repairing and remodeling homes, we have observed a recurring problem – construction methods aren’t necessarily improving, and quality is often compromised in exchange for speed and budget. Many stucco homes fail within a decade due to the use of subpar materials, rushed installations, and inexperienced labor, especially in freezing conditions.

Reason #2 –  Freeze/Thaw Climate

Stucco is designed to absorb and release water, which works well in most climates. However, Some regions and places that experiences extreme winter freeze and thaw cycles pose a challenge. Compared to other regions, stucco doesn’t have sufficient time to evaporate moisture before freezing temperatures hit in this condition. This results in damage such as deep cracks or delamination, where the stucco begins to come apart.

The Hidden Damage You Need to Know About

Interestingly, most stucco failures occur from the inside out. Freezing water expands, leading to cracks that spread and worsen. Simply patching or painting over the problems won’t suffice, as water can infiltrate and exacerbate the damage, causing the original issues to resurface after a single winter season.

Why Patching Isn’t the Answer

In extreme climates, stucco cracks extend deeper and wider, resembling a complex pattern. Applying patches or caulking might seem like a solution, but it often worsens the problem. Cracks can expand across the wall’s surface, revealing the grey base coat underneath. These superficial fixes fail to address the underlying issues, leaving the stucco irreparable and the appearance compromised.

Why Painting Isn’t the Solution Either

Painters may promise that elastomeric paint can resolve stucco problems, but this isn’t accurate. Many such paints do not allow the stucco to breathe or evaporate, sealing in moisture and leading to freeze-thaw cycles that further deteriorate the stucco. These paints often fail within a couple of years, especially at our high altitude where intense UV radiation breaks down the paint’s polymers, causing hardening and cracking.

The illusion of convenience offered by patching and painting to remedy stucco damage is a fleeting one. It’s imperative to comprehend the root causes of stucco failures and the limitations of superficial solutions.

The vitality of addressing stucco problems goes beyond the surface, as they stem from poor construction practices and the unforgiving freeze/thaw climate. These underlying factors demand a more comprehensive and strategic approach to maintenance. Simply patching over cracks or applying paint coats merely masks the true extent of the issues, failing to tackle the core problems.

Protecting your investment and maintaining your home’s allure require embracing the reality that patching and painting are not the solutions they might seem. By opting for a professional, holistic approach that delves into the root causes of stucco damage, you ensure your home’s structural integrity, durability, and aesthetic charm.

Why Choose Toms River Stucco & EIFS

We at Toms River Stucco & EIFS, believe in preserving the beauty and value of your property. Our comprehensive inspection and detailed reports are provided free of charge, enabling us to expertly repair and restore your stucco with a focus on both aesthetics and longevity.

We have encountered numerous property owners who sought help after unsuccessful stucco fixes by inexperienced contractors. Many stucco repairmen lack formal training in stucco cladding and building science, leading to inadequate repairs that devalue homes and hinder sales. We take a different approach to stucco restoration. Our process involves identifying, repairing, restoring, and protecting stucco from the source of the issues. Unlike other contractors who merely cover up problems, we strive to provide comprehensive solutions that truly preserve your home’s value and appearance.

Don’t settle for temporary fixes that won’t withstand the ever-changing climate. Trust us to transform your stucco into a beautiful, trustworthy feature of your home and protect your home’s value and appearance with our expert stucco services. Get in touch by contacting us for a free consultation and discover how we can help you maintain and enhance the beauty and integrity of your stucco.