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It’s Time to Repair & Coat Your Stucco

Stucco siding is a popular option for homes in warm areas; nevertheless, like any maintenance, it will be necessary to do stucco siding repair and coating at some point.

Many people feel that stucco is practically bulletproof as a covering. Therefore, they have it applied to their houses.

While it is long-lasting (stucco may endure up to 100 years), it will need to be maintained from time to time. Here are several symptoms that your house’s stucco siding needs to be repaired, as well as why an elastomeric coating is so important.

When Should You Repair Your Stucco Siding?

To begin, you’ll need to determine when your stucco needs to be repaired. Your house is protected from all types of problems and in excellent condition. When a fracture or gap emerges in it, though, it’s a weakness in defense of your house. Learn when it’s time to repair stucco siding.

Water, bugs, and other unwanted elements may quickly infiltrate your house via it. It’s critical that you handle these issues before they become a problem.

It’s an excellent idea to start checking your home’s stucco. Take a walk around the structure and examine the stucco.

Is there a problem with the paint?

As the stucco ages and becomes dingy, you may discover that it must be repainted. Inspect the stucco for any cracks, gaps, or blisters. That’s an indication that something isn’t right, and you’ll have to fix it.

Damage to Stucco: What Causes It?

Before you can repair your stucco siding, you must first figure out how it was damaged. This will assist you in correctly addressing the issue and ensure that you won’t have to deal with it again in a few months. Here are a few possible causes of stucco damage:

If there’s any water getting into the stucco, such as via a downspout or a poorly sealed window or door, you’ll need to take care of it first before proceeding with the stucco siding repair.

How to Repair Stucco?

You’ll need to repair your stucco now that you know why it’s ruined. Fortunately, it isn’t difficult to repair, and if done well, the patching job will endure for many years.

Stick to the directions and use them to fix the area. Allow enough time for the repair to dry before painting it to blend in with the rest of your house.

Stucco with Elastomeric Coatings

It’s a good idea to consider repainting the home once you’ve fixed any faults with your stucco. Now is the most fantastic time to paint over the stucco since you know there are no difficulties with it.

If you haven’t done any repairs and are just thinking about repainting the stucco, the typical time range is 5 to 10 years. When it’s time to paint, choose the highest-quality paint you can find. The higher the paint quality, the more resistant it will be to the weather.

If you choose higher-quality paint, you will notice a significant difference. It will undoubtedly enhance the appearance of your home’s exterior and the stucco’s durability.

Coatings' Advantages

Elastomeric paint is now one of the most popular stucco coatings. This paint is stretchable, as the name suggests. It’s made to expand and shrink with the weather.

As a result, there’s less chance of the paint breaking as the weather changes, allowing you to get more years out of your paintwork before it has to be redone. Because elastomeric paint was created for stucco, it’s one of the finest paints for your home’s siding.

Application of Coatings

It’s important to make sure there are no gaps in the paint while you’re applying it. Elastomeric paint is watertight, but only when there are no gaps can it really be waterproof. It’s understandable why more homes are opting for this siding paint. Your stucco will suffer much less damage over time if it is waterproof and elastic.

You’re less likely to witness water damage to the sidings since water can’t get in. There will be more minor cracks as it extends, which is terrific news for you.

It’s always a good idea to hire a painting crew to take care of your stucco painting. They’ll be able to paint it neatly and thoroughly, preventing gaps and guaranteeing that it’s completely waterproof.


You are now aware of the advantages and the need for stucco siding repair. It should be fixed as necessary, and then elastomeric coatings should be painted on it to guarantee that it is protected from further damage.