The Different Types Of Stucco Textures

The Different Types Of Stucco Textures

Stucco is an excellent choice for builders and homeowners seeking attractive aesthetics, robustness, and longevity. This style of finish allows your property to fit in with the rest of the neighborhood while standing out as distinct.

How can this be? Even if most of the houses or businesses in your community have stucco finishes, the texture and color are unlikely to be the same. Stucco has a variety of texture possibilities, which is part of what makes it such a popular siding material. Here are some stucco texture ideas for your Toms River, NJ house or business.

Stucco texture options

With so many stucco texture choices, making the final decision might be challenging. Here are some of your possibilities, along with some of their important features:

  • Cat face texture: This is a nice stucco texture. It has rough spots that are bordered by smoother surfaces. Traditional or synthetic stucco may be used to create this. The overall visual impression will vary depending on how closely the rough patches are spaced.
  • Lace and skip: This is most likely the picture that comes to mind when you consider stucco siding. It’s ideal for concealing troublesome areas and may be used on commercial and residential properties. There are several techniques to apply this sort of finish, providing a wide range of minor differences in the end product’s look. It is applied in two coats, either by hand or with a sprayer, and then troweled.
  • Dash finish: This low-cost alternative can produce fine, medium, or heavy designs. It is often sprayed on, with air pressure used to produce natural variations in the finish. It is simply patched as required.
  • Smooth finish: This is a challenging texture to accomplish with stucco, but when done correctly, the result is a smooth, flat surface that is simple to color and clean. This needs synthetic or acrylic stucco, however, fine cement foundation stucco may also be used. Repairing it may be more challenging than repairing other textures.
  • Santa Barbara: This produces a comparable texture to a smooth finish but more closely matches a traditional adobe style. It employed unique sand particles to get this effect, although it seems smooth. However, it is more difficult to fix than other textures, similar to a smooth finish.
  • Sand/float: This is a common commercial building choice. It may be adjusted to seem light or thick. It is adaptable and simple to repair.

Check it out in person

While these descriptions might be useful as a starting point, it is ultimately better to inspect stucco textures in person to choose which one is best for you. Contact Toms River Stucco now to learn more about the finest stucco texture choices for your Toms River, NJ house or business. We’d be happy to inform you more about your choices and assist you in making your decision.