In Toms River, New Jersey, at 675 Batchelor Street, close to the Natural Foods General Store, lies the Sanctuary Yoga and Meditation Studio. On the Jersey Shore, there is a hallowed area where you may let your guard down. You may unwind, reduce stress, and rediscover who you are by using the techniques of yoga, meditation, infrared sauna bathing, and their other extensive spiritual programs here. Check it out.

You can move, breathe, and regain strength and flexibility at their studio. Through the practices of yoga and meditation, you can find the stillness of the mind.

At Sanctuary Yoga and Meditation Studio, they teach their classes thoughtfully, with safety as a priority. The teachers are well-educated, certified, and experienced in yoga, meditation, and other disciplines. They are genuine seekers who live and breathe the practices they teach in their daily lives.

Class Descriptions

Beginner–Learn the fundamental yoga poses to increase your strength and stability. They’ll concentrate mainly on shoulder stands and standing poses. Additionally, you’ll learn how to practice ujjayi pranayama to boost your energy and concentration.

Foundational Flow—This session is primarily intended for people who are new to yoga or want to start from scratch and enhance their practice. This article will explore the fundamentals of several yoga positions and how to adapt them to your needs. Increase your awareness of your body and mind as you start to link movement and breathing, master basic flowing sequences, and pay attention to good alignment and form.

This session includes adjustments to make postures more approachable for the practitioner and progresses at a calm, uplifting pace. This is a terrific way to conclude the week since every session will end with a moment of profound relaxation. Foundational Flow has no prerequisites, like previous experience, balance, or flexibility. People of various ages, sizes, and forms may use it.

Developing Presence—This workshop is a lovely combination of slow, gentle movement, meditation, and awakening energy points around the body linked with the breath to help you become calm, serene, and present. Absolute beginners shouldn’t attempt to develop their presence. Knowing the fundamental postures and their alignment before entering this class would make you feel much more at ease.

Mindful Movement—This class combines pranayama, mindful movement, meditation, and sound healing in savasana (relaxation). Conservative Movement is a gentle class that would be appropriate for beginner to advanced practitioners.

Restorative Yoga –Relaxation on all levels is encouraged through restorative yoga. All skill levels may benefit from restorative yoga, which is done slowly while emphasizing extended holds, quiet, and deep breathing.

Happy Hips-This lesson may deeply open the hip, lower back, and leg muscles. You may enter a lovely state of tranquility just by following its tempo. Concentrating on these critical areas is advantageous for improved general mobility, flexibility, and strength. Paying close attention to your hips and hamstrings can go a long way toward reviving your body and mind.

Zen Meditation

Zen meditation aims to gain insight into the nature of the body and mind while also noticing and letting go of the ideas and sensations in the mind.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga is a slower-paced practice suitable for all skill levels and spends most of the time in sitting or floor positions.

Gentle Yoga and Yoga Nidra-Practice soft motions to expand the body throughout the first part of the lesson. In the second part, lie down in Savasana and let Yoga Nidra guide you into ever-deeper states of relaxation. Yoga Nidra is a technique created to teach the body and mind how to unwind completely while the mind is still alert.

Yin Yoga: Yin yoga’s primary objective is to hold postures that target releasing connective tissue and reducing joint stiffness. Postures are often maintained for 2 to 5 minutes, perhaps even longer. Most of the postures in yin are sitting or on the floor, but the holds are longer.

Feel Good Flow- You will go through intermediate postures in this session at a moderate pace. Relax your thoughts while lengthening and strengthening your body. They will employ breathwork, props, and adaptations to meet you where you are in your practice.

Slow Flow- While gently transitioning between poses for a calming, contemplative experience, Slow Flow sessions foster enhanced strength and flexibility. Beginners with more expertise should enroll in this class. Before attending this session, it would be much more comfortable for you to get familiar with the fundamental poses and their correct alignment.


By taking this course, you may improve your capacity to meditate to cultivate mental calm, attention, focus, clarity, and wisdom.

Basic Sanskrit for Yogis-Learn how to say the letters, words, and phrases often used in yoga in Sanskrit.

Basic Pranayama-Learn how to exert more control over the body’s considerable energy.

Yoga Sutras—One of the critical books of yoga, the Yoga Sutras, offers suggestions and methods for leading a life that fosters a calm, clear, serene, and cheerful mind. They’ll examine a few sutras in each lesson to comprehend their significance and how they might improve our lives.

Infrared Sauna

Enter the full spectrum infrared sauna to cleanse your body, alleviate joint and back pain, boost immunity, improve skin clarity, and improve mood. Connect your phone with Bluetooth speakers to listen to your preferred calming music. Permit the chromotherapy’s hues to wash over you. To include salt air in your session, you may also utilize the halotherapy equipment in the sauna. The respiratory system will be strengthened, and allergy-related problems will be relieved by the salt air.

How come we recite mantras? Mantra chanting helps to calm the mind. When you repeat mantras, your mind relaxes, and your body begins to unwind on its own. As with any spiritual practice, the power is increased when we chant and come together as a community.

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Spend time not just in yoga or meditation classes but as a part of a community where friendships are built on deep and honest conversations. For more information, visit their website or call them at (732) 606-4645.