The best authentic Pilates teaching is provided to customers of all ages, health conditions, and fitness levels at Pilates By The Bay, the top Pilates facility in the Monmouth-Ocean county region. Their award-winning studio, which has been in operation since 2008 and is still expanding, is a local favorite. It provides students of all ages with private Pilates classes and semi-private sessions on actual Pilates equipment, Pilates mat, and Balanced Body Bodhi Suspension SystemTM lessons. Browse here.

Pilates By The Bay is unique in that it provides tailored routines that consider all ages, levels of fitness, and health issues. We provide:


Pilates By The Bay aims to provide its customers with traditional Pilates training while educating them about healthy movement and fitness.

At Their studio, each customer will:


Along with these services, Pilates By The Bay provides tailored sessions for individuals with MS, neurological diseases, pre-and post-natal needs, people with disabilities, and performance athletes.

Private Pilates Classes

The best method for learning the Pilates technique and getting significant benefits quickly is one-on-one training.

Private lessons provide you and your instructor enough time and space to practice at your own pace since everyone in a group class has different abilities and goals.

Their knowledgeable teachers will offer you their complete focus so that you may better understand the material, accomplish your objectives, and make the most of your studio time.

Private Pilates Brings You a greater understanding of your body, method, and equipment.

The most thorough method of learning and practicing Pilates is via individual sessions, their studio’s leading service at Toms River, New Jersey. The purpose of one-on-one instruction is to ensure that you make the most of the mat and other equipment.

You can focus and work more intently with the custom-designed equipment than you could on a mat by yourself. Nowhere offers a more incredible workout. When doing Pilates, this is the best method to use.

Each session is tailored to your unique skills and needs and builds on the one before. Anyone with physical limitations is advised to schedule private lessons. They suggest doing Pilates three to four times each week. There are 55 minutes in a private class.

You may begin or continue your Pilates practice with individual, one-on-one Pilates sessions.

Beginners and individuals with particular ailments or rehabilitation plans are encouraged to book private sessions.

Before enrolling in group equipment courses, private Pilates instruction is often required; however, to make privates more affordable,

Pilates principles are the main focus of private Pilates sessions.

Centering is the act of physically shifting the focus to the midsection of the body. The idea is that your core is where all of your actions originate. The most fantastic strategy is to start from inside.

Control: Strict muscular control is used in every Pilates exercise.

You will benefit most from each action if you give the workout your full attention.

Precision: In Pilates, every body component is positioned and aligned correctly concerning one another.

Breath: Joseph Pilates emphasized taking deep breaths throughout his workouts. The proper use of breath is necessary for a Pilates exercise.

Pilates movements: are carried out in a flowing manner. All exercises are designed to promote ease, grace, and fluidity.

Private Pilates Sessions to Get You Fit to the Core

The core muscles of the abdomen, which create a corset around the belly, waist, and spine, are the emphasis of Pilates.

It helps you lose weight and teaches your body to move from the core, relieving stress and tension in the joints and other troublesome areas, including the neck, shoulders, lower back, and knees. Pilates calls for self-control and mental attention, but the feeling of mastery and control is priceless!

Private Pilates Training Compliments Your Fitness Routine

Your fitness and health regimen should include private Pilates training sessions and group Pilates programs. They may work with you to improve your form for group sessions, or we can design a program specifically for you to help you reach your goals.

They will concentrate on you throughout your sessions to discuss your specific objectives, maintain good form and alignment, and provide you with the best experience possible. After only three classes—if attended within one or two weeks—you will feel more powerful, flexible, and balanced.

What are Pop Up Classes?

With 1-3 days’ notice, new, one-time-only courses will “Pop-Up” and be bookable online. Each of them will have a distinct subject or emphasis and be taught at a level appropriate for the class’s pupils. Existing students who do not have chronic pain or injuries must attend the private introductory sessions unless otherwise specified in the course description. For brand-new/beginner students, we’ll offer some pop-up lessons!

Pilates 101 – Reformer Class

You have the option to enroll in equipment lessons right away without having to pay for the Intro Private Sessions.

They are providing Pilates 101 Equipment lessons for a brief period. This is the beginning of it all! Perfect for Pilates beginners, people who need a refresher course, or those who want a session that moves at a slower pace.

You will study the fundamental concepts and choreography of a foundational Pilates equipment class in Pilates Equipment 101, a continuing session that is set up as a monthly course. You will be led through a 55-minute equipment exercise that teaches the fundamental terms and postures of Pilates while also enhancing your posture and core control.

You’ll discover how to do a series of exercises on the reformer while seated, standing, laying down, or on all fours to control the muscles in your abdominal, pelvic, and spinal regions via muscle contractions and breathing. These exercises provide a strong emphasis on accurate alignment and effective movement sequencing. If you’ve never done Pilates, don’t be afraid! The level of this lesson will vary depending on your demands.

In this session, questions and conversation are encouraged in a welcoming, judgment-free atmosphere. To make the work accessible to everyone, exercises will be broken down, instruction will be hands-on, and adjustments will be offered. No matter your level of fitness, this is a really inviting class.

Jumpboard Class

This cutting-edge full-body reformer workout comprises a continuous sequence of Pilates exercises with a jump board attachment, which will add some cardio to your Pilates practice. An elevated heart rate produced by fluid transitions and interval leaping is ideal for burning calories and constructing lean muscle.

Due to the spring resistance employed by the reformer and the Pilates principles, this cleverly planned exercise is both enjoyable and effective. Pressure on your knee and hip joints is also kept to a minimum. Click here for more. 

It’s a great technique to strengthen core strength, burn fat, and increase endurance with little to no effect on your joints. If you have experience using a reformer, join us for this challenging yet enjoyable exercise and have a ball while losing weight! You may contact them at (732) 300-4917 or visit their website for additional information.