For the whole family, Bounce About is enjoyable. In Lou’s Fun Zone, you may bounce about, play basketball, dodgeball, volleyball, and other sports in the sports arena or play laser tag in the laser tag zone. Browse around this site.

At Bounce About, you may have a party or other gathering. The Bounce About Celebration Zone can meet your needs, from a simple birthday party to a large-scale event.

Lou’s Fun Zone

Lou’s Fun Zone offers children of all ages the opportunity to bounce, climb, and crawl about. Kids may choose from three inflatables to jump while playing sports like basketball, dodgeball, volleyball, and more in the sports arena, slide down an 18-foot inflatable slide or navigate an inflatable obstacle course.

Little Joeys from Lou’s will enjoy exploring and crawling about in the newborn soft play area, allowing parents to unwind knowing that they’re playing securely within a four-foot-wide space designed just for their size. Any infant will spend hours engaged and learning thanks to the interactive walls for exploration, the merry-go-round, tug boat, and slide.

Laser Tag Zone

The state-of-the-art 26 vests two-storey arena at Bounce About will excite children and adults to play laser tag. This underwater-themed stadium will bring the game to life with the best laser tag technology available. The most distinctive laser tag arena in NJ is Bounce About, which offers over 25 programmed game choices. For laser tag, children must be five years old or older.

Join Bounce About Laser Tag to take advantage of member-only benefits and savings. Large parties should phone in advance to schedule time slots; walk-ins are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. When creating a laser tag birthday party package, every birthday child’s preferences may be catered for.

Toddler Time

For more engaging, age-appropriate activities, visit Bounce About.

Through various activities requiring fine and gross motor skills, your kid will connect, play, and learn. Parachutes, singing, dancing, games, activities requiring you to follow directions, and numerous possibilities for organized play. Every Thursday and Friday at 10:30 am Toddler Time. They won’t be having toddler time if schools are closed for a holiday or break since Their inflatables will be inflated up for the public.

Party Zone, Birthday Parties

Are you seeking an original location to hold your child’s next birthday celebration? You can get everything you need at Bounce About. You may choose activities for each guest if there is something for everyone’s age.

Baby party packages from Bounce About are created especially for their developmentally appropriate activities and hunger. For children who like bouncing and climbing, inflatables are a terrific party choice. Check out Bounce About’s unique laser tag/sports arena party package for your older children and adults. The party guests will spend 20 minutes inside Jersey’s first inflatable sports arena in addition to two games of laser tag in their state-of-the-art laser tag arena.

The birthday kid may choose from one of our scheduled games of ultimate Frisbee, dodge ball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, badminton, or soccer, and they’ll have joy playing and competing with their pals. Please review the list below to choose the package that best suits your party’s requirements. Please contact Bounce About if you are unsure if an existing package will work for you; a party planner will make every effort to design a package that meets your needs.


Does the party pricing shown online or on the party info sheet include tax and gratuity?

The total will not include taxes, and the remaining amount must be paid on the day of the celebration. A tip is not included, however, you are welcome to contribute whatever sum you choose to the remaining balance. When paying for the remaining sum on the day of the party, you may tip the party host in cash or with a credit card.

What is included in the Incredible and Fantastic packages?

The amazing bundle includes customized dishes, napkins, gift bags, a banner, a cake, and balloons. Pizza and beverages are included in all packages for the children you RSVP for.

Do you have seats in the party room for parents?

No, the number of children you RSVP for determines how many available seats. If you need a chair for an elderly, crippled, or pregnant person, let us know so they may make an exception.

When arranging a party, do I need to know precisely how many children will attend?

No, a party planner will contact you a couple of days before the party to review the last-minute preparations. The number of guests you RSVP for will be the headcount you’ll be expected to pay for on the big day. This includes paying for missed appointments.

Can they unwrap presents at Bounce About?

To ensure no presents or cards are lost or forgotten, gifts from your guests will be collected in a container and rolled to your vehicle when the celebration is over.

Can they pay cash while redeeming prizes?

You can only redeem redemption rewards using the points you have won from playing redemption games. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

Are guys permitted to change a baby inside the family/restroom? women’s

Yes, there is no changing table in the men’s restroom, but a man may alter a baby’s diaper in the family restroom, which has stalled.

Are open-toed shoes OK for playing laser tag, or do I require sneakers?

The ideal shoes for playing laser tag are sneakers, although open-toed shoes work just as well. High heels should not be worn.

How far in advance should I show up for my party?

Fifteen minutes before the scheduled party start, the host may show up.

Are grownups permitted on bouncers?

Due to safety concerns and weight limitations on the bouncers, bouncing is only permitted for kids 2 to 12 years old.

What duration is my party?

Events last for one hour and 45 minutes, forty-five minutes in your party room for food and cake after an hour of play.

Toddler Time is a seasonal event.

No, Toddler Time is not offered during school breaks or the summer since they have to turn on the bouncers and arcade for everyone else.

Visit their website or contact them at (732) 608-7108 for additional information. Click here to read about Toms River.